The Endless Quest books were D&D’s version of the Choose Your Own Adventure series, where you make the decisions for the protagonist of the book. The reader reads a passage, then selects one (of usually two) options to proceed.

The first four EQ books are:

  • Dungeon of Dread
  • Mountain of Mirrors
  • Pillars of Pentegarn
  • Return to Brookmere

These four were originally printed with the old school Dungeons & Dragons font and TSR Face logo. Books 5 (Revolt of the Dwarves) and 6 (Revenge of the Rainbow Dragons) are hybrids, with the old logo, but more mundane D&D font. Subsequent printings of these books were given the more modern graphics.

Dungeon of Dread: 2nd print vs. a later printing
The original Endless Quest books had gems on the spines. TSR did continue this motif sporadically through the series.

One aspect I really like about these – aside from the nostalgia factor – is the interior line art. TSR typically recycled their art to death, repeating pics from product to product.

Not so here. There are some great B&W drawings by Jim Holloway and Timothy Truman here that you won’t see anywhere else.

Note: I updated this older post today with new photos (Jan 13 2021). I do not have Return to Brookmere at this time for detail pics.

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Dungeon of Dread

Dungeon of Dread. TSR 8501. Rose Estes (author), Larry Elmore (cover), Jim Holloway (interior art). 2nd printing, July 1982.

Mountain of Mirrors

Mountain of Mirrors. TSR 8502. Rose Estes (author), Larry Elmore (cover), Jim Holloway (interior art). 2nd printing, July 1982.

Pillars of Pentegarn

Mountain of Mirrors. TSR 8503. Rose Estes (author), Larry Elmore (cover), Harry J. Quinn (interior art). 2nd printing, July 1982.

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