Last post, I was unhappy about a missing piece from a D&D RPG puzzle. Undeterred, my son and I assembled the second puzzle last night to see if it was complete (Yes!)

After taking down the 2nd puzzle and boxing it, I pulled the tablecloth back over the table. And what bounces in sight? The lost piece from the first puzzle!

So we reassembled the 1st puzzle.

Both feature art by Larry Elmore, first seen on TSR’s Endless Quest books. First puzzle’s art is from the Revolt of the Dwarves and the second from Dungeon of Dread.

Dungeons & Dragons Puzzles in the shop

Dungeon of Dread and Return to Brookmere puzzles

update 5 Sept 2021

These are 1982 sets. From what I’ve seen thus far, the 1983 editions of these puzzles jettisoned the EQ book title branding, placing Dungeons & Dragons at the top.

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