New Logo Business Card Design

EDIT Aug 26 2020

New Business Card Logo

I updated our business card a while ago, with the new logo I designed. But it’s taken months to finish off the backstock of old cards.

Most items in inventory will have the old card front for some time to come. But the reverse side map tiles are the same.

Business card - new WB logo

Business cards - dungeon geomorph - all 10

Got the next set of five dungeon geomorph business cards in the shop. There are now a total of 10 card back designs.

Each Fantasy/Sci-fi/RPG item we sell gets one of these at random.

It’s Easy! Buy stuff!

For visiting my blog, you can have the returning customer discount of 10% off your order. Use coupon code IMBACK at checkout.

Maps are drawn by Dyson Logos, dungeon mapper extraordinaire.

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Dungeon Geomorph Business Cards