The Ghostbusters Roleplaying Game was a joint project by Chaosium and West End Games. The set was of course a tie-in to the hit 1984 Ghostbusters movie. Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis, Greg Stafford wrote a simple rules system based on dice pools, and West End Games developed the game with their usual excellent production values.

The rules would later be expanded and applied to WEG’s later popular Star Wars RPG, and become known as the D6 System.

The Ghostbusters International box set released alongside the Ghostbusters II film (1989). GBI expanded the original rules into a more typical full-fledged RPG.

The iconic GHOST DIE. The “Ghost” occupies the “6” spot.

Ghostbusters: A Frightfully Cheerful Roleplaying Game [BOX SET]

1986 … Sandy Petersen & Lynn Willis & Greg Stafford … WEG 30020 … ISBN 0874310431

Contains: 24-page Training Manual; 64-page Operations Manual; 4 Reference Files; 6 Ghostbuster IDs; 6 blank IDs; 48 Equipment Cards; 5 dice + 1 “Ghost” die.

Ghost Busters International (Ghostbusters Box Set) [BOX SET]

1989 … Aaron Allston & Douglas Kaufman … WEG 30026 … ISBN 087431223X

Contains: 144-page perfect-bound Rule Book, Read This First booklet, dice.

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A number of accessory booklets and adventure modules were released in support of the Ghostbusters RPG. See them all at my classic RPG Reference Site.


Training Manual

Operations Manual

Reference Files (A through D)

Cards: ID and Equipment

These cards are often detached from their sheets in used copies. Click on the above images to expand.



  • 6 “name” cards (Janine Melnitz; Egon Spengler; Winston Zeddemore; Dana Barrett; Ray Stantz; Peter Venkman)
  • 6 blank cards


  • 1 Tobin Spirit Guide
  • 1 Roylance Guide
  • 1 Ghostbuster Handbook
  • 1 Big Book of Occult Lore
  • 1 Spates Catalog of Nameless Horrors
  • 5 business cards
  • 1 Warning (copyright) card
  • 3 PKE Meter
  • 1 Video Camcorder
  • 1 Infrared Camera
  • 1 Cellular Phone
  • 4 Walkie-Talkie
  • 2 Parachute
  • 4 Ecto-Visor
  • 2 Scuba Gear
  • 1 Protection Grid
  • 1 Ecto-1
  • 1 Aura Video-Analyzer
  • 1 Geiger Counter
  • 1 Beach Kit
  • 5 Ghost Trap
  • 5 Proton Pack
  • 2 Bullhorn
  • 2 Alpine Gear


This set has a Winter/Spring 1986 West End Games Catalog

Ghostbusters International (GBI)

GBI Rulebook

What’s In The Box and Forms Booklet


A poster promoting the Real Ghostbusters comics is often present. It’s a promotional flier, and not listed in the contents.

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