New Dungeon Fantasy set showed up today. I’d forgotten I’d backed the Kickstarter. I’m liking it.

It’s basically GURPS with non-fantasy elements stripped out, and it maintains its focus on dungeon crawls.

Creating a GURPS character can be like plotting out your next 4 years of college courses in granular detail; points, prerequisites, what are you trying to accomplish by the end, etc.

Dungeon Fantasy uses character class archetypes as templates to make the process go quicker.

I’d reckon character creation will still take a while, probably akin to making a 10th-level D&D5 character on the spot.

That’s about as far as I’ve gotten at the moment.

Here’s a thorough review of Dungeon Fantasy by THE BLIND MAPMAKER


EDIT May 18, 2020

I’m putting my set up for sale. It’s not going to get played in either of my game groups. So it’s time to let it go. It’s a pristine set.

DF In the Shop


Adding some extra photos here for posterity.


Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game
Took this pic back when I got it. The set is no longer in shrinkwrap


Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying set
Dungeon Fantasy contains 5 books, 2 large double-sided maps, cardboard figures, and 6-sided dice.


Dungeon Fantasy RPG - Game Master Screen prof
Dungeon Fantasy GM Screen. Sold separately.


DF In the Shop


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