Gamma World: Science Fantasy Role-Playing Game (1978, 1981)

The large map in the original set, with its not-quite-familiar continental outlines, has never been matched in its simple beauty in any of the later editions of Gamma World. Depicting oceans, lakes, mountains, and ancient cities (some underwater!) – yet no labels – the map practically begs the referee to puzzle out what the cities are, and to fill in their own details.

I wrote those words years ago for the Gamma World page on my reference site, and I stand by them today.

So many GW referees did fill in their maps that it can be a challenge to find a blank map today. And the vast majority of the filled-in maps I’ve seen over the years are painfully messy to behold, subtracting – rather than adding – to the map’s beauty and utility.

This map however is the rare exception. The prior owner took some care in their work, marking cities, rivers, and ruins consistently. They even added trees, marsh, and hills in the D&D hex map symbols for terrain. Some cities have red-ringed starbursts around them. These and the yellow and tan zones represent… I’m not sure. Radiation? Biological hazards? Cryptic Alliances?

Following are some close-ups. The map is going into my personal collection and is not for sale.


The Great Lakes and Northeast


Florida and Louisiana didn’t take climate change well.


Los Angeles and California Central Valley are under water and Baja is an island.


Great Salt Lake region appears quite inhospitable.


Great Lakes region.

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