Gamma World. The iconic map of the former USA, 2471 AD. 3rd print map, laid over the 2nd print map.

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EDIT April 20, 2019

I got a 1st edition/1st print (TSR Lizard logo) set in the shop, so I took some photos comparing its map with a 2nd printing map.

At first I thought the 1st edition map’s rivers had been traced in pen by a former owner, they are so bold.

Gamma World 1st & 2nd map comparison

But that’s not the case. Note in the detail shot below, the rivers grow faint identically in the same places. Somebody tracing with a pen wouldn’t do that.

Gamma World 1st & 2nd map detail comparison

Other than color shifts, the maps have different copyright notices.

Gamma World 1st & 2nd map logos


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Gamma World colored map