“The thousand-year empire has fallen in an instant. An assassin has cut down the emperor and his heirs in one bold stroke and thrown the largest, most stable interstellar empire in history into chaos. There are many candidates for the empty throne, and without agreement on their qualifications, the worlds of the Imperium are divided in their allegiances…”

Never played the Megatraveller RPG myself. I played Classic Traveller briefly in my early days, and GM’d Traveller New Era a few years later.

This Megatraveller set arrived in the shop, and I was going to list it like everything else. But the art caught my eye.

MegaTraveller [BOX SET]. Science Fiction Roleplaying Game

1987 … Marc W. Miller … GDW 0210 … ISBN 0943580498

Includes Players’ Manual, Referee’s Manual, Imperial Encyclopedia, and map of the Spinward Marches Sector.

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Players’ Manual (art: Jim Holloway)
Referee’s Manual (Art: David Deitrick)
Imperial Encyclopedia (Art: Steve Venters)
Map of the Spinward Marches
Ad flyers and comment card

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