The World of Warcraft Hardcover RPG brings back memories of a period of intense online gaming years ago.

Back in 2009-10, World of Warcraft was my main game. WoW was huge then, peaking at 12 million subscribers in 2010. The expansion at the time was Wrath of the Lich King, and I logged a ridiculous amount of hours in that video game.

My main characters were Kina the Night Elf Druid, Laurana the Blood Elf Hunter, and Glancy the elderly Human Paladin. I was loyal to neither Alliance nor Horde, playing in both factions. I played mostly PvE in a RP server, quests and dungeons, but played in PvP Battlegrounds on the side.

I got pretty good at gameplay, but I excelled at one aspect in particular: The Auction House. I logged in every morning to buy and sell items, and made thousands upon thousands of gold trading items to other players. My characters lacked for nothing: Mounts, mats, enchants, whatever.

At some point, obsessive trading in a virtual Auction House when my real world business needed my time… hit me as rather foolish. And like that, my interest in the game deflated.

But I had a lot of fun, and fond memories of exploring Azeroth with my family and friends. Looking in my files for this post for screenshots, I was struck by how little I have from that time. I have few screen pics or recorded much of anything. Just memories. But that’s true of most pen and paper games I’ve played.

World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game

2005 … 394 pages (hardcover) … White Wolf WW17210 … ISBN 1588467813

10 new and revised core character races, including gnomes, jungle trolls, tauren and the undead Forsaken. 12 new and revised core character classes, including the arcanist, healer, paladin, rogue and warrior, along with 11 new and revised prestige classes such as the fel-sworn, hunter and berserker. A new spell slots-based magic system and a horde of spells for all spellcasters.

Second (2nd) edition of the Warcraft RPG hardcover, also now compatible with 3.5e, and called the World of Warcraft RPG. The core book translates the Blizzard RTS and MMORPG video games into Pen & Paper Dungeons & Dragons (3rd Edition, D20 system), and delves into the lore. The WoW RPG operates under the Open Game License, so all the rules are present, such as character creation.

Sword & Sorcery was an imprint of White Wolf, with a focus on generally high-quality D20 System rules supplements.

The WoW core rulebook makes good use of the vivid and distinctive art style from the online games. Full color pages. It’s a heavy book at 3.3 pounds.

It’s not super expensive in the used market.

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Noble Knight

Not the first time a Blizzard game was ported to TTRPG:


At first glance, I thought the Dark Portal art on the endpapers was the same. But no.

Other Warcraft RPG Releases

  • Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game (WW17200)
  • Manual of Monsters (WW17201)
  • Alliance and Horde Compendium (WW17202)
  • Magic & Mayhem (WW17203)
  • Lands of Conflict (W17204)
  • Shadows & Light (WW17205)
  • World of Warcraft: Lands of Mystery (WW17206)
  • Alliance Player’s Guide (WW17207)
  • Horde Player’s Guide (WW17208)
  • World of Warcraft: The Roleplaying Game (WW17210)
  • World of Warcraft: More Magic & Mayhem (WW17211)
  • Monster Guide (WW17212)
  • Dark Factions (WW17213)

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