“Then came too late the warning of the evil one, the sardonic caution of the daemon legate who had bidden the seeker beware the madness of that song. Only to taunt had Nyarlathotep marked out the way to safety and the marvelous sunset city; only to mock had that black messenger revealed the secret of these truant gods whose steps he could so easily lead back at will. For madness and the void’s wild vengeance are Nyarlathotep’s only gifts to the presumptuous…

-H.P. Lovecraft

Masks of Nyarlathotep, 1st Edition [BOX SET]
“Perilous Adventures to Thwart the Dark God”
1984 … Larry DiTillio & Lynn Willis … CHAO 2307-X

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MoN - lid art

MoN - What's In The Box sheet

MoN - What's In The Box sheet back

MoN - Introduction

MoN - New York

MoN - London

MoN - Cairo

MoN - Cairo map

MoN - Kenya

MoN - Kenya art
Tom Sullivan sketched most of the interior art

MoN - Shanghai

MoN - Shanghai art

MoN - Handout 1

MoN - Handout 1 inside
Inside of Handouts 1. In about half of the sets I see in the shop, the former owners thought to use a photocopier.
MoN - Handout 2
Handouts 2 is nifty. A slightly thicker paperstock, with two business cards and a fold-up matchbox.