“Oscar North is one of the rare “living” Ancients, one of a handful of scientists who became mutated […] just before the Shadow Years. […] Of all the beings now living in Gamma World, the Ancients are the most powerful by right of their knowledge, their access to hidden caches of high-tech devices, their mutational powers, and their centuries old influence on societies.”

-GW9 Delta Fragment

Cover image by Keith Parkinson, from Gamma World Rule Book (3rd Edition, 1986)

Better known as Nort and Scar, this Ancient is split into two separate characters: One ostensibly human, the other a huge mutated wolverine.

Nort n Scar crop
Excerpt from module GW9 Delta Fragment

Here’s the Epsilon Cyborgs (GW10) cover photo I was sharing yesterday on social media [ Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram   MeWe ]

Epsilon Cyborgs - crawler - Larry Elmore
Behemoth crawler by Larry Elmore


Gamma World Rules Supplement and Project Omega

Added March 5, 2020


Dragon 115 ad ann Rules Supplement-001

When Gamma World 3rd Edition was released (1986), it was ambitious in its scale: A completely new rules system, and a unified campaign arc stretching out over several modules.

In Dragon Magazine, issue 115 (Nov 1986), an ad – left side photo – announced the Gamma World Rules Supplement – right side photo. In its 16 pages, it would have errata correcting the rules. But the majority of the pages were given over to Robots, Equipment, Skills, and plenty more.

The Dragon ad invites players to mail into TSR for their free booklet. The Supplement would be added to later printings of the box set.

I sell the Rules Supplements a la carte


Sadly, the final module mentioned in both the ad and the Supplement – Project Omega – never saw print. I’ve had a fan-produced version available for free download on my site for many years. It’s quite good.


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