“Oscar North is one of the rare “living” Ancients, one of a handful of scientists who became mutated […] just before the Shadow Years. […] Of all the beings now living in Gamma World, the Ancients are the most powerful by right of their knowledge, their access to hidden caches of high-tech devices, their mutational powers, and their centuries old influence on societies.”

-GW9 Delta Fragment

Cover image by Keith Parkinson, from Gamma World Rule Book (3rd Edition, 1986)

Better known as Nort and Scar, this Ancient is split into two separate characters: One ostensibly human, the other a huge mutated wolverine.

Nort n Scar crop
Excerpt from module GW9 Delta Fragment

Here’s the Epsilon Cyborgs (GW10) cover photo I was sharing yesterday on social media [ Facebook  ~  Twitter  ~  Instagram   MeWe ]

Epsilon Cyborgs - crawler - Larry Elmore
Behemoth crawler by Larry Elmore