I see plenty of character sheets and notes from former game owners. Some are quite detailed. This one was unique. I tried to enhance the contrast for readability.

Found this written background and finances in a battered Top Secret SI box set.

The writer gave 2 lines to background, no clear character name, and then the rest of the notes were given over to the PC’s finances. Very detailed.

The secret agent possesses estates in the Bavarian Alps (ski resort), Bahamas…

…and a cryptic reference to “‘Falcon Crest’ not known to Ken”. [anybody understand the context? As in, the show Falcon Crest?]

Then the notes pass over into businesses, and ownership stakes I think. Greyhound, IBM, General Dynamics, H&R Block, and Cris Craft. Interesting choices, and they date this paper as well, I think.

In bottom corner, written in small print are: Taxes (55%  32716125) and Maint (2.5m   30216125).


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