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Heroes – by Dave Millward – is set in a fictionalized Europe circa 950 AD. It is historical-based, with no mythical elements or fantasy monsters. Heroes uses an attribute and skill  system for resolving actions and challenges.

“In many ways, it feels like – in D&D parlance – you’ve skipped the red and blue boxes, heading straight into the business of land ownership and long term investment opportunities.”

Paul Baldowski wrote an excellent review of Heroes on RPGGeek.

Heroes - Tabletop

Heroes: A Role Playing Game Set In The Dark Ages
1979 … Dave Millward … Tabletop Games & Nottingham Model Soldier Shop … 80 pages

“It is a cold and dark evening in the spring of the year 950 AD. A group of weary and wet travellers squat shivering under the trees on the north bank of the Adige. Some have been waiting all afternoon to cross. The travellers are a mixed bag from all over Ouesterlands, possibly beyond. As the afternoon wears away beyond sunset the travellers have become acquainted, they are now ‘The Company’. Out of the darkness, at last looms the ferry, which for 1d each will carry them across the river. Beyond, the torches of the ferry inn flicker behind shuttered windows. Locals tell them that Fat Otto, the landlord, offers drinks, food and a straw bed for the night. As the storm worsens our heroes decide to spend the night at the ferry inn before pressing on in the morning to Triente to make their fortunes!

Heroes is a role playing game set in the Dark Ages, with its players taking the part of adventurers who arrive at the gates of Triente set on making their fortunes. First of all it is necessary to choose a character and work out his personal attributes. Once this is carried out making one way in life is up to the player. The character can become a labourer, a cut-purse, a pirate, a brigand – the possibilities are almost endless. The rules give all the information and/or mechanisms required for the characters life in the Dark Ages and in Triente and its environs. However, the situation is open ended. We advise that you get the map of Triente area which is useful for all travel outside the city.”


Choosing a Character
Social Background
Drunk & Gambling
Mounting an Expedition
Village Characteristics
Attacks on Villages and Farms
Regular Campaigns
Map detail: Trienta



Ouesterlands pull-out



EDIT 07/15/2019: Commenter Ken M. on Facebook pointed out that a legal PDF of HEROES is available for £6.00.


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