I thought it was long past time for a post about our page demographics as a merchant-scholar of out-of-print RPGs.

The age and gender breakdowns are not terribly surprising. The largest block of our followers is males 45-54 @ 27%. Note that females 45-54 are 2%, which tracks with what I remember from the old days of the hobby.

But look what happens as you go backwards to the 35-44 demographic. The gender balance begins equalizing. By the time you get to 25-34 it’s ~45%/55% split.

I primarily post about old school RPGs of course, mixed in with some pop culture stuff. What I find encouraging is that anybody who is 30 years old now… TSR was gone by the time they got into gaming. So the old school games are maintaining their relevance with the younger crowd.

Country breakdowns. Russia is over-represented, surprise surprise. Back in 2016, I was getting new Russian followers at a rate of 2-6 a day, far more than anybody else. At the time it was a head-scratcher, but they didn’t do anything, so I shrugged it off. In retrospect, it was bots building fake profiles I’d reckon. Weird thing is, it’s not like what you’ve heard in the news; they weren’t hiding anything. It would have been simple for them to pose as Americans. FB has been peeling off the fake accounts slowly as time passes, so there’s not as many bot accounts as there was at the time.

The Dutch… still my largest contingent of non-native-English speakers. Hell, there’s more of them than Brits. The whole country of Netherlands must game or something.