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“The B/X Companion is a re-imagining of what could have been, had the 1981 editions of the Original Fantasy Role-Playing Game (the Basic and Expert sets edited by Tom MoldvayDave Cook, and Steven Marsh) been followed up by a third Companion volume promised in their pages. Using the same format as the original volumes, and working from the hints and info provided in those 1981 editions, the B/X Companion provides rules for high level play, including levels 15th through 36th, 60+ new spells, 100+ new magic items, 80+ new monsters, rules for running dominions, mass combat & siege warfare, astral travel, and more…all in 64 pages.”

Jonathan Becker (Running Beagle Games)

Complete BX Adventurer cover

The Complete B/X Adventurer

Also written by Jonathan Becker of Running Beagle Games (2012)

New B/X classes, including five new spell-casting classes. Nearly half of the book is devoted to spell lists and there are more than 110 new spells (not counting reverse spells). Other than the spell-casters, there are a dozen other classes for a total of 17, including the Witch, Mystic, Duelist and Acrobat.

BX Companion w Basic Expert books
Finish what you started in Basic and Expert…

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Comes Chaos

Is your classic D&D campaign too Lawful? From the creator of the B/X Companion “Comes Chaos“. A demon-touched region where Chaos seeps into everything… even the PCs have gone native. The art by Kelvin Green sets the tone of horror.

Comes Chaos in the shop

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