Todays #shelfie: TSR misc sets. Current as of this morning.

The AD&D campaign sets are stored elsewhere.

On social media, I was asked:

From your experience, what is the best way to store tsr books and boxes? Horizontally or vertically? thanks

I replied:

Either works fine, to an extent.

Shelved like books – which I do in my personal collection – works OK, as long as they’re snug together, the boxes supporting each other.

Stacking. TSR box sets usually aren’t heavy. If they are, they’re not suitable for stacking. (Like maybe a set that has a lot of your personal papers adding weight) With that caveat, I’ve never had problems stacking them six or seven high. But you gotta make sure they’re neatly stacked. If allowed to offset, a corner can start pushing in the top of the box below.

A greater danger is light exposure. Avoid any direct light shining directly on your box sets. The exposed panels will fade over time.

More on this in a post over at the sales site

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