The Dungeons & Dragons Gazetteer series closed with GAZ14, The Atruaghin Clans.

Each Gazetteer focused on a particular demihuman race or human culture. GAZ14 introduced a loose confederation of human societies based on the Native Americans (“Indians”) of North America.

Atruaghin Clans cover

“Long ago, the power of Blackmoor all but destroyed the mighty Azcans. Some of them, the bravest of the brave, sought refuge under the shadow of a great plateau. For decades, they struggled to preserve their lives and their culture. Now, centuries later, their secrets are revealed. From the buffalo hunting Horse Clans and the whaling Turtle Clans to the pueblo dwelling Children of the Bear and the evil Children of the Viper, five distinct Atruaghin Clan cultures are laid out in detail.”

The Atruaghin Clans (GAZ14)
1991 … William W. Connors … 64 + 32 pages + fold-out map … TSR 9306 … ISBN 0880388919

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Atruaghin’s Mystical Conveyor

The Atruaghin and the descendants of the Azcans who live beneath the planet’s crust are linked by an artifact: Atruaghin’s Mystical Conveyor. Though the great “elevator” only sees a couple of pages of description in the module, fully half of the poster map details the features of the Conveyor. 

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor desc 2

The Conveyor is located at the Palace of Atruaghin


Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor desc 3

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor site


Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor shaft

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor shaft detail 1

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor shaft detail 2

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor shaft detail 3

The Device

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor desc 4

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor interior 1


Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor interior

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor desc 5

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor site

GAZ14 to Sons of Azca
The Mystical Conveyor links Atruaghin Clans (GAZ14) with Hollow World module Sons of Azca (HWR1)


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The World Elevator

I was a bit confused by the diagram of the World Elevator on the map, and how it related with Atruaghin’s Mystical Conveyor. Turns out they have nothing to do with each other. The World Elevator was built by Darokin engineers to facilitate trade with the tribes far up at the top of the steep plateau. The Conveyor is not on the plateau.

Atruaghin's Mystic Conveyor - engineer's lift


World Elevator

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