Shatterzone was a 1993 roleplaying game by Ed Stark of West End Games. What struck me when reading the campaign background is that there is room for almost any science fiction genre. The continuum from the Core Worlds all the way out to the badlands of the shatterzone allows for almost any type of sci-fi game.

Shatterzone box set

Shatterzone: The Roleplaying Game

1993 … Ed Stark … West End Games 21001 … ISBN 0874312272

Rule Book, Player’s Guide, Universe Guide, newsletter, Action Card deck.

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Shatterzone Masterdeck cards

“What exactly IS Shatterzone? Well, I suppose it could best be described as somewhat of a kitchen sink space opera RPG. The boxed set was published in 1993, and given that cyberpunk was popular in the 1990’s, there are elements of that here as well. There is a large intergalactic government called the Consortium. Megacorps play a large part in galactic affairs. There is a super industrialized capital world similar to Star Wars. There is a sentiment of xenophobia in the setting and only humans and a few other species are given full citizen status. Others suffer prejudice as a result.” – An ongoing “Let’s Read” series of forum posts examining Shatterzone

A quicker-read 2014 review by Christopher Helton of Bleeding Cool

Shatterzone Reprint cover detail
Shatterzone: The Roleplaying Game (Classic Reprint)
2011 … 310 pages (Paperback) … Precis Intermedia 21000 … ISBN 0983256071

“Fortunes can be made, dangers encountered, and dark mysteries solved. Do business in the Core Worlds where bureaucracy rules, and Fleet makes sure of it. Smuggle in the Near Colonies where there is slightly more freedom, provided Fleet does not take an interest. Sign up for mercenary work in the Inner Frontier where new worlds can be discovered, as can bolters, aliens who have fled the other side of the shatterzone. The true brave of heart can enter the shatterzone, in search of the next big discovery or simply for the huge salary. Finally, the Outer Frontier reportedly holds many verdant worlds, but also a terror beyond anyone’s imagination…” – Precis Intermedia Shatterzone page

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