Today’s photoshoot features a glimpse into the early days of RPGs. TSR’s Gateway to Adventure catalogs reveal the best of their old school games: D&D, AD&D, Gamma World, Top Secret, and so many more.

Catalogs available in the shop



1980 Gateway to Adventure cover detail

The 1980 “Demon Door” catalog is 8 pages in length. It is much more rare than the 1981 edition.


A collage of TSR’s product line for 1980


White Box D&D, Holmes Basic, Boot Hill, Gamma World, and Top Secret


AD&D Players Handbook, Monster Manual, and DM Screen


C Series modules for AD&D


Boardgames: Dungeon, Warlocks & Warriors, Awful Green Things From Outer Space. And Suspicion, which I’d never heard of before today.


More boardgames: Divine Right, Knights of Camelot, Lankhmar, and Fight in the Skies.



1981 Gateway to Adventure cover detail


1981 Gateway to Adventure catalogs in the shop


Printing Alert!

Printings comparison - page 9


Zenopus Archives alerted me to watch for different printings of the 1981 catalog.

1st print has a blank brown back cover. This has to be rare. There were none in the stack I listed for sale today.

2nd print has the original D&D product line on page 9.

3rd print deletes OD&D in favor of TSR’s minigames, Fiend Folio, and adventure modules for Boot Hill, Top Secret, and Gamma World on page 9.


The 1981 catalog has 14 pages, long enough to rate an Index apparently.


Moldvay (B/X) Basic and Expert sets


Basic and Expert books and modules Keep on the Borderlands and Isle of Dread.


The original core AD&D hardcovers: DMG, PHB, MM, and DDG.


Dungeon Masters Screen, Character Sheets, and the DM Log.


Advanced Dungeons & Dragons modules: Most don’t get a photo.


Top Secret, Boot Hill, and Gamma World


Playing Aids: World of Greyhawk folio, Dragon Dice, Monster & Treasure Book, Dungeon Geomorphs, and Hex paper.


Dragon Magazine


The GenCon game convention


T-Shirts! Those are some great designs. You could even get one for Mom.


TSR and Goodman Games catalogs
Goodman Games 2017 catalog is an homage to the original Gateway to Adventure


See Also: DIVINE RIGHT: TSR’s early boardgame with RPG inspiration and that beautiful map (1979)

TSR product posters (ca. 1978-9?)

Boot Hill early print box set

Top Secret: 1st and 2nd editions – The evolution of the black box

Original Gamma World maps