“While designing DIVINE RIGHT we kept several goals in mind. We wanted

  1. an attractive game that did not require bushels of counters,
  2. to use in a board game well-defined non-player characters — something normally found only in a role-playing game,
  3. an easy-to-learn basic game strong enough to support interesting elaborations,
  4. a diplomatic as well as a military game that was as easily played by two as by several,
  5. a simple movement/combat system which still allowed intelligent strategy and maneuvers,
  6. an interesting system of magic that went beyond the limitations of rival fantasy games,
  7. an imagination-inspiring map with logical geography and rich terrain,
  8. to create a stage for heroics, craft, surprises and rapid turnabouts, and
  9. a fast, sustained pace allowing the game to be begun and completed in a few hours time.

“Divine Right Design Notes” – Glenn and Kenneth Rahman (Dragon Magazine, issue 27 [July 1979])

For the moment, we have a great-looking Divine Right set in the shop. So it was time to get my camera out.

Divine Right 1979 set 13

Divine Right: A Fantasy Board Game for 2-6 Players

1979, 1980 … Glenn Rahman … TSR 1008

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Divine Right 1979 box bottom

The original Divine Right set was released in 1979, with a 2nd edition in November 1979. There isn’t any difference in rarity between the editions from what I’ve seen. Very similar sets, but there are some minor changes with 2e. Precise comparison at my reference site.

A very thorough Table of Contents
A “Suggested Table Layout”
Personality and Identity Cards
Diplomacy Cards


The map would make for a fun D&D campaign. Until today, I thought Darlene created the map. Not so. Interior art and map are credited to Elrohir (also credited with lid art), David C. Sutherland III and David A. Trampier (who is also credited with the Divine Right logo).

The map has a lot of the tables from the book printed in the margins.


Divine Right 25th set 01
In 2002, a 25th anniversary edition was released. A big box! Photo from a set I sold in 2015. More info at the reference site.

Dragon Magazine, in its early issues, had a lot of articles expanding Divine Right.

Barbarian North and the Youth of Juulute Wolfheart, 39
Bilge Rat and the Mercenary Fleets of Minaria, 48
Black Hand, 46
Black Knight, 44
Chronology of Minaria, 57
Eaters of Wisdom, 49
Evolution of the Shucassamites, 52
History of Dwarves, 45
History of Elfland, 37
History of Hothior, 35
History of Immer, 36
History of Mivior, 38
History of Muetar, 34
History of Pon, 42
History of Rombune, 54
History of Zorn and the Goblins, 50
Making a Great Game Greater, 34
Minarian Variants, 46
Monsters of Minaria, 56
Monuments of Minaria, 55
Schardenzar’s Story, 51
Trolls, 41

Also, Adventure Gaming Magazine had Divine Right articles by the designers.

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