GURPS was one of those RPGs I never actually played back in the day. Despite that, I owned a shelf-full of their iconic sourcebooks. I suspect many other gamers share the same story.

The GURPS sourcebooks were that useful. In a time when the internet was in its infancy, these books were a solid go-to for a quick primer on a subject, and a cornucopia of adventuring ideas. They always had a high ratio of universal RPG material to GURPS-specific stats. So it was a snap to use them with whatever game rules set.

Just got in a GURPS collection, and our shelves are loaded at the moment.


GURPS available for sale in the shop


GURPS books on shelf 2012-10
Here’s a shot from Oct 2012. Since then we’ve gone to bagging every book for protection. And we now use office letter trays to avoid manhandling huge piles of books for order pulls.


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