I finally got around to IDing and sorting a bag of Gamma World metal miniatures by Grenadier (1979). I had enough to create a full Adventurers (0005) set, plus a number of other loose sets, grouped by type.

An invaluable aid was the Lost Minis Wiki, specifically the Gamma World miniatures page.

These are fairly rare today, and a number of these mutants, humanoids, and powered armor minis don’t have good photos on the internet, so I wanted to get these pics posted. Some are clearly GW miniatures, but I couldn’t find them on the wiki page.

As of this writing, these can be found on our sales site.

EDIT: An email I received, so I’ll copy it here:

Those Gamma World minis you recently posted about may be recasts.
There was some controversy around them. The pre-primed look was one of the give-aways.
I bought some years ago on eBay, but didn’t mind because I liked the scuplts and the price was reasonable.

Adventurers (0005), from the box set of the same name.
A pair of Battle Armor figures. The left figure can be found in the Adventurers set above. I think the one on the right is an updated cast, as it is essentially the same figure except a different helmet. Kinda resembles Fallout powered armor.
Gorillas, from the Denizens (0006) set.
Grens, from a blister pack
Cryptic Alliance Healers, also from a blister pack
Unidentified Cryptic Alliance members in robes with blaster rifles
Iron Society members
The two-headed mutant Orlens
Powered Armor Troop, from a blister pack
Serfs, dangerous mutated humanoids with impressive mental mutations.
A Wolfoid with a staff. I saw other Wolfoids in the wiki, but not this one.

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