My eldest son (16) plays and paints Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. He was playing the PC version of a Warhammer video game, which led to him getting interested in the tabletop version.

He invited me to play Sigmar today. I’m completely new to this and Warhammer in general, so I knew this would be interesting.

I’m told it’s Stormcast Eternals (him) vs Slaves to Darkness (me)

Objective for this scenario is the raised crypt in the center. Winner must have the most units surviving up there at game end. Losing a general is bad.

My Chaos Lord on the Karkadrak beast (right side) is my general. Chaos Knights running up the left side. Chaos Warriors marching up the right.

Chaos Knights (5)
Chaos Lord leading his Warriors (10)

I’d surmised that the ballista was bad news. And so it was. My son quickly cut down two of my knights racing forward.

Three Knights remained to charge!

My Chaos Lord cut into the opposition. My rolls were consistently awful. Random chance left the Lord’s least ability – Tail Swipe – as the top scorer. He should have mowed these guys down, but it turned into a slog.

With the end of Round 3 we began rolling to see if the game ended. I needed to start thinking about victory conditions: Surviving units and generals atop the crypt.

All my Chaos Knights were now dead! That ballista (and others) hit hard.

My Chaos Lord was dealing pain, but getting hit harder in return. He did get his special heal on kill ability to trigger twice during the scenario.

My slow-moving Chaos Warriors I had mount the crypt.

I also had my Chaos Lord retreat from the tangle, and leap atop the crypt to confront my son’s enemy general, a lady Knight Encantor who had snuck atop just before.

Chaos Lord alone confronts the Knight Encantor. More foes close in.

This was the moment! I killed his general!

My son’s general slain, I immediately retreated my Chaos Lord (4 hp left) to the far side of the crypt. And brought forward my fresh Chaos Warriors to clog things up.

And my Chaos Warriors went down bravely, dealing little damage themselves. (that $%&#$ ballista killed 7 of them!) At the end they were all dead, leaving my Chaos Lord standing alone.

Game End. My Chaos Lord would not have survived another round.

My son got a victory point for most units. I got one for surviving general.


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