Jorune is a somewhat obscure RPG game setting, but many gamers will recognize the iconic Miles Teves art.

The background is similar to Tekumel, in that humans settle a world in the far future. But contact is broken and technology is lost, leaving humans to fend for themselves as just one of many intelligent inhabitants of an alien world.

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Lair of the Maustin Caji

1984 … Andrew Leker & Miles Teves & Amy Leker … 47 pages … Skyrealms Publishing

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Maustin Caji has the distinction of being written for the ultra-rare 1st edition of Jorune [see my reference site]. Ultimately, it is a comfortable dungeon adventure, Jorune-style. The party discovers a man who’d been held prisoner – unaged – for 20 years, and can lead the group to the lair of the rebellious Maustin Caji.

Credits and Table of Contents. I love seeing the old school dot-matrix printing.
The adventure module is lightly illustrated by Miles Teves, but they are excellent of course.