West End Games made some departures in style for the DarkStryder RPG campaign.

  • The players are encouraged to use the characters included with the set; indeed each player will have a stable of characters to run, depending on the needs of the story.
  • The atmosphere is darker than the usual Star Wars setting. A short story by Timothy Zahn starts off the campaign, and helps set that tone.
  • The PC’s ship, the FarStar, is a CR90 corvette with a colorful past, and a busy future. It’s a run-down ship; malfunctions, repair, and constant maintenance will figure into the story. The crew is a dour, cranky lot.
  • All this is in service of running down imperial warlord Moff Sarne, the ultimate goal of the campaign.

The DarkStryder Campaign [BOX SET]

1995 … WEG 40209 … ISBN 087431254X
By Peter Schweighofer & Doug Shuler & Bill Smith & Eric Trautmann & Timothy Zahn. Additional Material by Paul Sudlow.


  • 96-page Campaign Book
  • 96-page Adventure Book
  • Character (48) & ship (8) cards
  • a full color-map of the modified Corellian Corvette FarStar.

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My full D6 Star Wars RPG page at my reference site. There were a LOT of adventures and accessories.

Campaign Book

Adventure Book

Character and Ship Card Sheets (and stands)

Poster Map: Corellian Corvette FarStar (printed on both sides)

The Adventures

A trilogy of adventure modules followed the core set: Kathol Outback, Kathol Rift, Endgame.

BONUS: Spanish-language edition of Darkstryder

La Campaña del Guardian Oscuro (JOC Internacional, 1997? ISBN 8478311637) is from my personal collection, not for sale. Hardcover book, not a box. Production quality is excellent, with all the extras (en español, claro). Map is smaller than the original though.

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