In the early days of the Traveller RPG, several small game companies partnered up with GDW, creating a wealth of 3rd party accessories and adventures.

FASA back then was one of those companies. Better known today for Shadowrun (1989) and Battletech (1984), FASA was a small company in 1982.

FASA was surprisingly productive for Traveller (RPG Reference site link), though those accessories are all fairly obscure today.

I’ve got sets 1 and 2 of the Adventure Class Ships series in the shop. Let’s see what’s inside those boxes.

Adventure Class Ships Vol. I [BOX SET]

1981, 1982 … FASA B1 (1st print came in a sleeve, different cover art)

five 22″x17″ double-sided deck plan maps, 112 counters (1 half-sheet),
Adventure-Class Ships, Book 1 & 2 (16 pages each)

Adventure Class Ships Vol. II [BOX SET]

five 22″x17″ double-sided 15mm deck plan maps, 112 counters (1 half-sheet),
Adventure-Class Ships, Book 1 & 2 (16 pages each)

Credits: J. Andrew Keith (writing), Jordan Weisman (deck plans), William H. Keith, Jr. (illustrations)

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Get all FASA Traveller on FFE’s CD-ROM compilation, in the shop: Traveller Apocrypha-1: FASA and Gamelords

PDFs and image files. Deckplans sheets on the disk are 5100×6600 resolution JPGs. That should be sufficient to create full-size prints at a print shop.

DriveThruRPG has low-res PDFs of the sets: Volume 1 ~ Volume 2

Zhodani Zhdits Class DE (top), Type T Patrol Cruiser (bottom)

The boxes are flimsy paperboard. I usually see them pancaked in the wild.

Vol. I

– Condor Class, Freedonian System Defense Boat
– Valor Class Imperial Missile Corvette
– Stedlas Zhodani System Defense Boat
– Lucifer Class Imperial Destroyer Escort
– Maru Class Merchant Vessel
– Ninz Class Zhodani Type S Scout
– Chatl Class Zhodani Leader Scout
– Chameleon Class Commerce Raider
– The Desiree Keah Line of Private Yachts
– Zhdits Class Zhodani Destroyer Escort

Vol. II

– Lord Somerset Class Type M Subsidized Liner
– Fanzhienz Class Type A2 Far Trader
– Kurgilash Class Medical Scout
– Lady of Shallott Class Type Y Yacht
– Endevour Solomani Patrol Frigate
– Lurushaar Kilaalum Class Type T Patrol Cruiser
– Stayaow Aslan Combat Scout
– Alexandria Class Type A Free Trader
– Eshpadir Class Orbital Installation Facility
– Explorer Class Survey Cruiser

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