I’ve created this page to archive photos and info about these BABYLON 5 WARS / Fleet Action metal miniature sets. These original issue mini sets are scarce, and growing more so every year. So with a whole lotta sets passing through the shop, let’s get to work.

These are the box sets. I’ll have the blister packs in an upcoming post.

Assembly / paint required. Metal miniatures are not suitable for children.

Wayne’s Books B5Wars minis in stock in the shop.

Babylon 5 Wars

Earth Alliance Babylon 5 Diplomatic Station (BW-205)

Narn Regime Fleet (BW-301)

2x G’Quan Heavy Cruisers. 1x Narn T’Loth Assault Cruiser. 6x Frazi Heavy Fighters.

Centauri Republic Fleet (BW-302)

1x Primus Battlecruiser. 4x Vorchan Warships. 2x Sentri Light Fighters.

Minbari Federation Fleet (BW-304)

1x Sharlin Warcruiser. 2x Tinashi Frigates. 4x Nial Heavy Fighters. 4x Combat Flyers.

Centauri Mega Fleet (BW-312)

A rare AoG Mega Fleet bundle contains sets BW-302 Centauri Fleet Box and BW-248 Centauri Octurion Battleship.

Fleet Action Series

Fleet Level Combat in the Babylon 5 Universe.

Earth Core Squadron Box (FA-2150)

1x Omega Destroyer. 2x Hyperion Heavy Cruisers. 3x Olympus Corvettes. 1x Oracle Scout Cruiser. 36x Star Fury Heavy Fighters.

Earth Alliance Support Box (FA-2152)

3x Sagittarius Missile Cruiser. 1x Nova Dreadnought. 4x Artemis Heavy Fighters. 24x Starfury Heavy Fighters.

Earth Alliance Explorer (FA-2112)

Box includes all parts necessary to build one Earth Alliance Explorer Class Starship.

Minbari Core Squadron Box (FA-2250)

1x Sharlin Warcuiser. 2x Tinashi Frigates. 4x White Stars. 1x Leshath Heavy Scout. 30x Nial Heavy Fighters.

Narn Core Squadron Box (FA-2350)

2x G’Quan Heavy Cruisers. 1x T’Loth Assault Cruiser. 1x Sho’Kar Scout Cruiser. 4x Thentus Frigates. 42x Frazi Heavy Fighters.

Narn Regime Support Box (FA-2351)

1x Bin’Tak Dreadnought. 2x Rongoth Destroyers. 2x Var’Nic Destroyers. 3x Drag’Kar Frigates. 12x Gorith Medium Fighters, 18x Frazi Heavy Fighters.

Centauri Core Squadron Box (FA-2450)

2x Primus Battlecruisers. 4x Vorchan/Demons Warships. 2x Altarian Destroyers. 1x Covran Scout. 30x Sentri Medium Fighters.

Centauri Republic Support Box (FA-2451)

1x Octurion Battleship. 1x Centurion Cruiser. 1x Dargan Strike Cruiser. 2x Maximus Frigates. 2x Mograth Frigates. 12x Rutarian Stealth Fighters. 24x Sentri Medium Fighters.

Hyach Core Squadron Box (FA-2951)

1x Urutha Kal Dreadnought. 2x Irokai Kam Battlecruisers. 1x Tachila Kor Scout Carrier. 4x Okath Kat Fast Frigates. 1x Alichi Kav Stealth Cruiser. 36x Dartha Medium Fighters.

Cascor Core Squadron Box (FA-2950)

1x Norsca Battlecruiser. 2x Qoricc Destroyers. 2x Crocti Patrol Carriers. 4x Tacacci Strike  Frigates. 36x Caccar Ultralight Fighters.

Brakiri Core Squadron Box (FA-2951)

1x Tashkat Advanced Cruiser. 1x Brokados Heavy Carrier. 2x Avioki Heavy Cruisers. 4x Halik Fighter Killers. 24x Falkosi Medium Fighters.

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