Fully-titled RuneQuest Collector’s Edition: Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel, I had a customer ask about the cover artist of this book. I took some photos, and given the paucity of information about this version on the internet, I’m posting the photos here.

RuneQuest Collector’s Edition: Das Fantasy-Rollenspiel

1991 … Steve Perrin & Greg Stafford … Welt der Spiele … 206 pages … WDS 3001 … ISBN 3927903019

German language edition of Runequest, 3rd Edition.

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Cover Art

I reckon Jens Haupt is the cover artist – noted in the credits and a sigil in the art on cover.

There’s another set of runes visible on the cover, I don’t know their significance, if any.


Very little interior art, I noticed.

Welt der Spiele promo sheet

Leafed into the book is a catalog / comment card / other products sheet of WdS deutsch translations, including Paranoia, Runequest, Fantasy Warriors, Britannia, and Civilization. Looks like the buyer at the time could return the survey card for a poster?

The sheet, of a thicker stock, is perforated into 4 cards.

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