The French edition of Runequest is gorgeous. Beginning with that striking color cover art by Hubert de Lartigue, and the evocative line art inside (Alain Gassner’s work caught my eye), a lot of love went into this box set.

I also have some photos of two other RQ accessory books from Oriflam.

Runequest: French Edition Box Set

1987 … Oriflam

Contains thick RQ RPG French rulebook, tables booklet (Aides de jeu), Glorantha map in French.

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Rulebook: Covers, Contents, and Credits

Rulebook: Interior

The Rulebook is loaded with eye-catching art!

Tables book and Glorantha map

With the box (with the Hubert de Lartigue cover) and the single color map, this is the 1987 first printing. There has been a second printing with a hardcover, no box and a full color map.

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Le Maître des Runes (Monster Coliseum)

Le Maître des Runes (Runequest: Monster Coliseum [French edition])

1985 … Oriflam … ISBN 2906897043

Accessory book, plus Piste de Course fold-out card and massive L’Amphithéâtre hex map.

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Les Monts Arc en Ciel

Les Monts Arc en Ciel (Runequest: Édition Française)

1989 … Oriflam … ISBN 2906897116

A couple of classic RQ RPG scenarios, plus the Bestiary in French.

Ce supplément pour RuneQuest contient 2 aventures : La Boutique de Gringle et Les Monts Arc en Ciel. Toutes deux sont spécialement étudiées afin de servir d’amorces à de vastes campagnes sur le monde Glorantha.

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