In the early days of FASA, their very creative team released approved accessories for the Traveller RPG.

The Hotel Complex maps set allows the GM to set their adventure in a futuristic hotel building. Art by William H. Keith Jr turns every sheet into eye candy.

Hotel Complex: Star Port Module Number One

1981 … Jordan Weisman & Ross Babcock & J. Andrew Keith & William H. Keith … 16-page booklet, 5 double-sided maps, and cover sleeve … FASA Corporation

Contains Plans for the following floors:
1) Maintenance and Engineering 2) Transportation Axis 3) Main Lobby 4) Theaters and Shops 5) Restaurant 6) Tourist Class Rooms 7) Luxury Rooms 8) Hotel Offices 9) Sky Top Restaurant 10) Penthouse
All are drawn on 22 x 17 inch sheets.
A 16 page booklet with descriptions and rules is also included.

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