In 1998, shortly after Wizards of the Coast bought the defunct TSR, they embarked on a number of projects to reinvigorate interest in Dungeons & Dragons. One such item was the Land of the Mists promotional poster. They were distributed at game conventions at the time.

The poster was folded, 8 panels, measuring 21″ x 31½”, printed on both sides. One side featured an introduction to Ravenloft, with essays on various topics. The other side holds the greater interest to us today, a color map of the Land of the Mists by Robert Lazzaretti.

I’ve got two of these in the shop at the moment, in identical condition. These posters are RPG ephemera, and long since have passed into collectible status. I don’t expect them to be around long, so I’m doing a photoshoot today.

Land of the Mists poster

1998 … Robert Lazzaretti … TSR 91271

All things Ravenloft in the shop

Noble Knight


The Map and Portraits

“For the portraits around the border I used various people I knew who worked for TSR/WOTC for reference. Jefferson Shelly, Wendy Wallace, and of course Jim Atkiss as Count Strahd von Zarovich.”

Robert Lazzaretti shares his memories

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