Back at release of the GAMMARAUDERS board game (a spin-off from the Gamma World RPG), TSR had to contend with some manufacturing errors.

Listing a set for sale today, I found a photocopied sheet at the bottom. TSR released a checklist sheet to verify cards and what the buyer should do to remedy potential card issues.

Below, I’ve got the sheet turned into text and tables via OCR for easy user copying/editing.

If you’re looking for inventory counts of the other Gammarauders box pieces, visit my RPG reference site Gamma World page. I’ve got counts posted there.

To All Purchasers of TSR’s GAMMARAUDERS Game
Please check the deck of playing cards in your GAMMARAUDERS game box against the following card manifest to ensure that your deck has the proper mixture of cards (The cards in question are the same size as regular playing cards and have titles such as “Reinforcements,” “Factoid,” “Turn Card,” etc )

The problem is that the card decks were partially hand-assembled by workers at the printing plant, and then final assembly was done by hand at TSR. Errors have been found in the card decks that were assembled at the printer. TSR wants to make sure that any errors in purchased decks are fixed as soon as possible.

Random checks of card decks at TSR have found that about 10% of the decks have minor errors. These generally Involve duplicates of one card while another card is missing. None of the errors that have been found render the game unplayable Some of them do cause unintended effects in game play.

First of all, count the number of playing cards in the game. You should have 108 cards.

Now check the cards to make sure you have all the proper cards (most of the defective decks have the proper number of cards [108], but one type of card will be missing while another type has too many cards) The cards that are meant to have duplicates are indicated (by the note “4 of these,” for example). Next to each card’s name is a box (or boxes). Check off each box as you find the appropriate card. If you end up with unchecked boxes, please double check to make sure you’re really missing those cards. (If you end up with more of one card than you should have, remove the extra card from your deck.) If you have missing cards, please see the instructions following the list of cards.

Turn Cards (6)
There should be six different turn cards, numbered 1 through 6
Reinforcement Cards (16)
Any (4 of these)
Gammajets (4 of those)
Hovertanks (4 of these)
Soldiers (4 of these)
Factoid Cards (52)
Army Cards
Cargo Jet
Hyper Soldiers
Strong Tailwinds
Super Hovertanks
Super Jets
Super Soldiers
Turbo Hovertanks
Automated Maintenance
Construction ‘Bots Were Here (2 of these)
Cosmic Rays
Exit, Stage Left
Factoid Void (2 of these)
Five-Finger Discount
Fortress Plumbing Repaired
Freeze (2 of these)
Gate Crashers (2 of these)
The Lost Patrol
Mass Mutate
Mutate (2 of these)
Pod Bonanza—Area 2
Pod Bonanza—Area 3
Pod Bonanza—Area 11
Pod Bonanza—Area 12
Pod Bonanza—Player’s Choice (2 of these)
Power Zap (2 of these)
Rapid Oxidation
Reverse Combat Result (2 of thee.)
Running Broad lump (2 of these)
Slugnoid Raid (2 of these)
Taffy Limbs
Weapons (34)
Blaster, Ultrachronic
Blaster, Para-Temporal
Blaster, Gyrogravitic
Flamer, Neonuclear
Flamer, Ortho-Charged
Flamer, Holo-Magnetic
Gas Emissions, Neo-Osmohc
Gas Emissions, Omni-Ionized
G. Emissions, Autoreflective
Ion Beamer, Ultra-Stellar
Ion Beamer, Omntstatic
Ion Beamer, Microcellular
Laser, MegaSpectral
Laser, Duodigital
Laser, Uni-Chromic
Missile, Trans-Cosmic
Missile, Inter Galactic
Missile, Hyperflux
Plasma Projector, Magneto-Inertial
Plasma Projector, Contrasonic
Plasma Projector, Anti-Impact
Plasma Projector, Spectro-Kinetic
Popgun, Macrotechnic (2 of these)
Psionic Aura, Holo-Neural
Psionic Aura, Triharmonic
Psionic Aura, Exospacial
Slugger, Quasi-Spacial
Slugger, Supra-Axial
Slugger, Multihelical
Slugger, Helio-Conic
Water Cannon, Polythermic
Water Cannon, Iso-Parabolic
Water Cannon, Bi-Hyperbolic

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