Arduin was a campaign setting ostensibly written for all fantasy roleplaying games, but clearly derived from, and intended for, Dungeons & Dragons. The Arduin Treasure Pak was one of many supplements written by the prolific David A. Hargrave.

Despite its title, the pack also included a number of Arduin monsters as well. It comes in a ziploc bag, with a cover sheet, plus 9 cardstock sheets of 8 cards each.

CONTAINS 72 CARDS, INCLUDING: 24 MONSTERS FROM THE ARDUIN GRIMOIRE, 24 MAGIK ARTIFACT CARDS, 24 MAGIK WEAPON CARDS. These illustrated cards are intended to provide visual impact and convenience to both players and referees of fantasy-role playing games. To make the game more interesting, simply show the illustration side of the card (be it a monster, weapon or artifact) to the player(s) involved. It is then up to the player to react properly and avoid getting himself and his party clobbered. Custom coloring these cards will individualize and enhance them.

The art is credited to Carol Rode, and is quite good for old school D&D. The style reminds me of David C. Sutherland.

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Arduin Treasure Pak

1977 … David A. Hargrave & Carol Rode … International Gamers Association

8 cardsheets plus instruction sheet

The Arduin Trilogy in PDF at DTRPG

The Arduin Adventure in PDF at DTRPG

Cover Sheet


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