Heritage Models (aka Heritage USA and Dwarfstar Games) was a metal miniatures manufacturer that expanded into boardgames and roleplaying games. One of the principals, the late Arnold Hendrick, developed a number of familiar titles, including the Swordbearer RPG with B. Dennis Sustare. After the demise of Heritage in 1983, Hendrick took an in-development accessory – The Tavern – to publish under the Genesis Gaming Products mantle.

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Swordbearer, 1st Edition

Swordbearer, 1st Edition [BOX SET]

1982 … B. Dennis Sustare & Arnold Hendrick & Denis Loubet … Heritage 8250 (books 8250a, b, and c)

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Noble Knight

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“[Swordbearer] had originally been commissioned by Heritage as a competitor to D&D. The result was an innovative RPG with evocative magic and some ideas that almost seem pre-indie (such as abstracted wealth and encumbrance systems). Its tactical combat also got some acclaim…”

Shannon Appelcline, Designers & Dragons: The 70s

Swordbearer is also notable for the outstanding fantasy line art by Denis Loubet (spelled “Dennis” in the SB credits). See photos below.

The 1st edition Swordbearer books are a shock to the first-timer… It looks like your box is missing parts! Only Book 1, 3 and 5 are visible. However, Books 2, 4, and 6 are incorporated into their respective volumes. A very peculiar design choice IMO.

Book I

BOOK 1: Characters (BOOK 2: Fighting)

Book III

BOOK 3: Elemental Magic (BOOK 4: Spirit Magic)

Book V

BOOK 5: Racial Index (BOOK 6: Gamemaster’s Guide)

The Racial Index is the “Monster Manual” of Swordbearer. Many entries are graced with an illustration by Denis Loubet.

The Tavern

The Tavern

1983 … David Helber & Tom Maxwell (art) & Arnold Hendrick (writing) … Genesis Gaming Products 9733

Contains: 3 folded cardstock map boards and 8-page description and scenario suggestions.

The Tavern features 25mm scale floorplans of an inn, intended for any fantasy RPG. The first (and only) release in the Dungeon Floors line.

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Noble Knight

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