Three-Dragon Ante (ISBN 0-7869-4072-7) is a card game developed by Rob Heinsoo, and published by Wizards of the Coast in November 2005. The game is a combination of luck and skill, and blends concepts from traditional card games such as poker, hearts, and rummy.

Based on Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), it is intended as a game in its own right or as an element in a role-playing campaign, and appears in some versions of D&D as a game played by the wealthy for money.

In April 2010, Wizards of the Coast released a follow up game, Three-Dragon Ante: Emperor’s Gambit, which added additional dragon types and was both playable alone, and with the original game cards.

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Three Dragon Ante - black dragon

Three Dragon Ante - blue dragon

Three Dragon Ante - brass dragon

Three Dragon Ante - bronze dragon

Three Dragon Ante - copper dragon

Three Dragon Ante - gold dragon

Three Dragon Ante - green dragon

Three Dragon Ante - red dragon

Three Dragon Ante - silver dragon

Three Dragon Ante - white dragon

Three Dragon Ante - Bahamut and rules

Three Dragon Ante - mortal cards

Three Dragon Ante - Tiamat and dracolich

Emperor’s Gambit

(August 12, 2019)

I got an Emperor’s Gambit (Wizards of the Coast, 2010) deck, prepping it up for sale.

The expansion has 72 cards, primarily alternate dragon types (Adamantine, Brown, etc), which stick to the Metallic/Chromatic binary (Good/Evil). Plus some Mortal cards.

Also includes a box of course, and mini instruction booklet. The box is nifty, with a sleeve holding the cards snugly – unlike the original deck, where the cards rattle around in the box.

The box lid has a positive closure, a spring made of paperboard that toggles the lid open and closed.


box sleeve
Iron Dragon
Mithral Dragon
Shadow Dragon
Gray Dragon
Brown Dragon
Purple Dragon
Mercury Dragon
Steel Dragon
Earthquake Dragon
Adamantine Dragon

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