The Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (Dungeons & Dragons Accessory AC10) has much more to it than the title implies.

A Bestiary in D&D parlance (to me anyway)… I’d expect a Monster Manual type book. That’s not really the case here. Dragons and Giants has much more in common with the Book of Lairs releases for AD&D (See REF series at my reference site): Short adventures featuring a particular monster type on their home turf. Which is what you have in these 14 mini-adventures.

However, AC 10 has more than adventure seeds. The nifty part of this book is the Dragon Spell Generator that you can assemble.

Bestiary of Dragons and Giants (AC10)

1987 … Deborah Christian (editor) & Larry Elmore (cover) … 64 pages + 2 covers (2-panel + 3 panel) + errata sheet … TSR 9211 … ISBN 0880384883

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The Booklet

Table of Contents

Credits. AC10 is solidly in the BECMI/Mentzer edition of D&D.

The Importance of Morale. Many creatures, especially intelligent foes, will not fight to the death.

Immortality is the end goal of Dragons and Giants alike.

Krasniy is “Red” in Russian

Inside Front Cover: Dragon and Giant Sizes

Relative Sizes of Dragons and Giants

Dragon Spell Generator

I like the Dragon Spell Generator. The various dragon types in classic D&D are often limited spell-users, making them even more formidable adversaries in the hands of a clever DM. The Spell Generator does exactly what it claims, and allows for the quick creation of a spell-using dragon, by color type. The Generator also has stat blocks of all the D&D dragons for quick reference.

The random spell generator the back cover blurb is referring to is the inner 3-panel cover (the outer cover is 2-panel). One leaf of the inner cover has lists of spells, the other two leafs having punch-outs allowing only certain spells to be revealed. An errata sheet also comes with the accessory, because TSR missed a few spots to punch-out, so the errata sheet serves as a template for DIY cutting. This dragon spell generator is frequently missing from used copies.

Bestiary of Dragons and Giants: Mock-up cover vs Final

EDIT 21 June 2021

I grabbed the left image from an ad in Dragon magazine #126 (Oct 1987). TSR often used preproduction stand-in cover art in their advertising. On the right is the final cover of course.

The title is reversed in the temp cover: “Bestiary of Giants and Dragons” but is still coded as AC10.

Jim Ward is given sole billing on the mock-up cover. By release, he had no cover credit, and penned the first 3 of the 16 sections/chapters in the Bestiary.

I prefer the preproduction cover, more impactful. Even better would have been new art featuring a giant as well as a dragon.

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