I suspect that many old school (US) Dungeons & Dragons players aren’t fully aware of the immense contributions and creativity that came from the other side of the Atlantic. Despite its “poor stepchild” treatment by the home office in Lake Geneva, TSR UK created several of the iconic D&D / AD&D modules in the Eighties. (ex: The UK series, profiled on my reference site)

Night’s Dark Terror, designed to be a bridge between the Basic and Expert sets, was nearly coded B/X1 (and in fact was designated as such in the UK). I’m profiling the module today, because it is (a) Awesome, and (b) B10 has a lot of parts that go missing in the used market.

“At TSR UK we’d already written adventures for the D&D game. Graeme Morris had designed X8 Drums on Fire Mountain and CM6 Where Chaos Reigns. I’d cut my teeth on O2 Blade of Vengeance. All three games featured wilderness exploration, so we were well versed in what we needed to do.”

Jim Bambra, as quoted at the Blackmoor blog

“…this is an adventure that takes beginning level adventurers and forges them into sword & sorcery hard cases. The entire adventure has the feel of a step into a dark Slavic fantasy realm from top to bottom with topping of Conan poured on top spun through Russia. … Do you want your 2nd level adventurers to acquire some teeth and true grit to their PC? This is the adventure to do it with, the PC’s are given a solid reason for roaming throughout the uncharted reaches of the Dymrak Forest of northeastern Karameikos.”

Swords & Stitchery: Retro Review of B10 Night’s Dark Terror

Night’s Dark Terror (B10)

1986 … Jim Bambra & Graeme Morris & Phil Gallagher … 64 pages + double cover + poster map + 120 counters (1 sheet) … TSR 9149 … ISBN 0880382694

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DriveThruRPG (PDF)

A B10 set photo from 2013


Front cover, exterior and interior. Map K: Eastern Karameikos. (TSR piece code 9149XXX1401)
The region covered by B10’s area map: On Map 1 from the BECMI Expert Rulebook.
2nd cover, exterior and interior. Exterior has Temple of Pflarr and The Tapestry. Interior has several Goblin lair maps. (9149XXX1402)

The cartography by Geoff Wingate is consistently excellent. We’ll see more of it later.


I love the art by Helen Bedford!
There is a LOT going on in this adventure. The design team labelled the bottom of every page with the encounters and locations for quick reference by the DM.
There are 8 pages of separately-numbered (“PULL-OUT SHEET” I through VII) handouts in the center. Buyer beware: These pull-outs are frequently missing from used copies!


There is no printing on the back of the counter sheet.

The Poster Map

The poster map is printed on both sides. Side 1 is entirely Sukiskyn, which the PCs will get to know well.

Side 2 has smaller location maps:

  • Map X – Xitaqa
  • Map V – Foamfire Valley
  • Map R – Rifllian
  • WE7 – Iron Ring Camp
  • W19 – Gnome’s Ferry
  • WE12 – Scange Attack
  • Map T – Threshold
  • Map F – Fogor Isle
  • Map H – Hutaaka

The map has no TSR piece code.

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