AD&D had a slide rule. This was a tool for reconciling Weapon Types vs the various Armor Classes. If you played AD&D Rules As Written (RAW), then this would help speed combat. Only 1000 were made before the line was discontinued, so only Fighters, Paladins, Rangers, and Bards were served here.

We had this rare Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fighting Wheel come through the shop in August 2018. For whatever reason, I hadn’t noted it here on the Game Gallery blog. So doubling back to add this. I don’t have the Fighting Wheel at this writing, but you can always…

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“An errata sheet was available, apparently bundled within later copies of the wheel (most copies of the wheel do not contain the errata sheet). The sheet simply says “Correction. See Note 1. Rangers do not do extra damage against Giants only against giant class creatures.” You must have had an early copy.”

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AD&D Combat Computer

This Combat Computer was a similar concept. Sold as the centerfold feature in Dragon Magazine, issue 74 (June 1983). The example in this photo was laminated by a former owner.

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