Here is your chance to be the leader of a Superpower. Your objective is to conquer the world through economic, political and military strategy.

Supremacy is the game where you make decisions that face Superpower leaders today. Should you sell oil or buy grain? Build armies and navies or launch laser stars? Your toughest decision will be: to “nuke” or not to “nuke”.

The key rules of the game appear on the board. This leaves your mind free to think about strategy.

Supremacy is a game for two to six players. It is a game for people who would rather shape the world than be shaped by it.

Supremacy Box Text

I’ve got one of these very striking Supremacy wargame sets passing through the shop. My wife took photos of the components. I hope this helps folks in the future, checking their games for completeness.

Supremacy: Game of the Superpowers [BOX SET]

1984, 1986, 1992 … Supremacy Games SUP 100 … ISBN 0921225008

• Game Board 30″ x 20″
• Play Money
• Banker’s Tray
• Rules Sheet
• Plastic Playing Pieces — armies/navies/ mushroom clouds
• Deck of 65 Resource Cards
• 6 Supply Centers
• Strategy and Tactics leaflet

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Noble Knight

1992 edition of the Supremacy core game. Photo from a set that passed through the shop in 2014.

Visit the Supremacy page at my Game Reference site for more info about the rest of the product line. Numerous accessory sets were released between 1984 – 1994 to expand the core game.

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