Regula-1 is the sourcebook portion of a two book set for FASA’s old school Star Trek roleplaying game. The other booklet, Strider Incident, involves adventure between Klingons and the Federation in the Neutral Zone. Both books are intended to be used together. This quick post is more about the orbital station book, however.

Strider Incident / Regula-1: Orbital Station Deck Plans (Star Trek RPG 2-book set)

Blaine Pardoe & Rick David Stuart & Bernard Edward Menke

1987 … 56+48 pages … FASA 2226 & FASA 2226A … ISBN 1555600026

Printing error: This set and the Star Trek IV sourcebook share the same ISBN number.

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Table of Contents

Regula-1: Interior

The Orbital Station is mapped out in exacting (albeit small format) detail. With today’s imaging technology you could easily blow up and print out sections for tabletop play. The familiar Regula 1 station is but one of several variants. The Warp Tender that transports these stations to and from locations is very cool and gameable.

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