In today’s DDG D20 (2002) hardcover going out to the shop, I noticed 4 white pages in the back. Turns out there was a 2nd Printing at the beginning of the so-called 3.5 edition (2003) of Dungeons & Dragons.

These 3.5e 2nd prints probably aren’t all that rare, just the first time I’ve noticed. This might interest gamers who prefer D&D 3.5e (which is itself not far from Pathfinder 1st RPG). Didn’t see anybody talking about it online, so here it is.

Printing Block

Note the abbreviated number line missing “1” — which is publisher/printer shorthand for noting the second printing.)

Deities and Demigods 3.5 Update

The 3.5e Update was added in the back of the hardcover, to make the DDG “fully compliant” with the new rules. The updates are termed “minor” and wouldn’t affect the player’s “game experience much”. The 4 additional black and white pages contrast with the rest of the book.

Interestingly, the DDG PDF at DriveThruRPG is the earlier 1st print (3.0e).

Deities & Demigods general pics

A look at the Greek and Norse pantheons.

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