Gamers not familiar with the D&D Electronic Game will be in for a little surprise.

There is no screen. Not even any lights. Only sounds guide you through the random maze. Now that is old school.

Sound isn’t isn’t all, of course. Metal miniatures (2 warriors, a treasure chest, and a dragon) serve to mark locations, and plastic walls are placed when the audio beeps.

The dragon is restless, and will pursue players who get too close, and attack when near. To win, a player must secure the treasure – slowing their movement, and return to their starting location.

Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game

1980 … Mattel Electronics

Contents: Game board, 4 metal miniatures, 3 green plastic markers, 50 plastic walls

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Advertisement in White Dwarf magazine, issue 31 (June/July 1982)
Gameplay: Opening Moves

The Instructions booklet does a good job of explaining gameplay. Players can fight each other for the loot. One player solo can also play. The Advanced game adds secret doors that open and shut randomly – i.e. that wall you run into may not actually be a wall.

If you’re here looking for a PDF of the rules, visit BoardGameGeeks’ page for this game. They have the booklet in their files section.

9v battery required
The tray underneath stores all the pieces

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