Jim Holloway‘s covers for the the 3 books in the Paranoia 1st edition are pure gold. In a game where literally everybody is out to get you, Holloway interlinked each of the covers.

It’s like Rock-Paper-Scissors. Their subjects each only have a portion of the whole picture, and all are monitoring somebody else. A fight is only moments away.

Easily one of my favorite RPG artists, Holloway was prolific in the old school days of the hobby. I’ve profiled his work before.

Paranoia 1st box set w seal & dice

Paranoia: Role-Playing Game of a Darkly Humorous Future (1st Edition) [Box Set]

1984 … Greg Costikyan & Ken Rolston … West End Games WEG 12001 … ISBN 0874310253

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Paranoia 1st edition in PDF at DrivethruRPG

Paranoia 1st book det 1
Player Handbook
Paranoia 1st book det 2
Gamemaster Handbook
Paranoia 1st book det 3
Adventure Handbook


Paranoia RPG set with the Grenadier Metal Miniature Figure

EDIT 17 March 2021

Some sets sold with a metal mini
Some type of security bot
The bonus miniature was just one of a line of minis Grenadier made for Paranoia!

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