1989. TSR stock number 1045. ISBN 0-88038-733-5. UPC 046363010454.

I see this version less often than its more recognizable predecessors. They really went big with this set. 18 named characters. 36 spell cards. 196 monster and treasure cards. The board is huge, measuring 21 1/4″ x 35 5/8″.

New Dungeon in the shop.

A revised version of the TSR classic board game Dungeon. This version has a larger playing board and updated rules. Most notably, new character classes were added and the combat system was revised to be a bit more forgiving to the player. Also, the ability to heal and cooperate or trade with other players was added.


New Dungeon box set board

New Dungeon box set counts

New Dungeon box set bottom lid

New Dungeon box set expansion cards

This particular set came with the 24 cards (only) from the expansion set.