The introductory Dungeon game has seen several versions, dating back to the original in 1975. Loosely based on the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

I see the ’89 version less often than its more recognizable predecessors. This set is huge. 18 named characters. 36 spell cards. 196 monster and treasure cards.

This version has a larger playing board and updated rules. Most notably, new character classes were added and the combat system was revised to be a bit more forgiving to the player. Also, the ability to heal and cooperate or trade with other players was added.


[Note: I heavily revised this post on Jan 24 2021, with new photos and data from a nice set passing through the shop.]

The New Dungeon Game

1989. TSR stock number 1045. ISBN 0-88038-733-5. UPC 046363010454.

David R. Megarry (Original Design); Jeff Grubb, Steve Winter, Michael Gray, Gary Gygax (Development and Additional Design)

Contents: Rulebook, Board, 250 cards (plus 6 blanks), 6 plastic miniature game pieces, 2d6.

New Dungeon boardgames in the shop

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Card counts for the various levels
Character Cards (18)
Plastic player hero figures (6). Armored warrior is missing his axe head.

Five years later, in the Classic Dungeons & Dragons set (1994), TSR would again use these figures.

However – I checked – the plastic figures in other box sets [First Quest (1994) and Introduction to Advanced Dungeons & Dragons (1995)] are different models.

The New Dungeon: Miniatures and Game Supplement

TSR, in cooperation with Ral Partha, released an expansion box (also in 1989).

First, there are ten Ral Partha metal miniatures included. Six of these are metal versions of the original plastic characters included with The New Dungeon. The other four are new characters: Halfling, Cleric, Ranger, and Gnome Illusionist. Additionally, the expansion contains two new spell types: Illusionary Warrior and Treasure Telekenesis.

BoardGameGeek (Some great pics of the minis there!)

The original set that was the catalyst for this post – and the 2021 set! – both had the cards (but not the miniatures) from the expansion. Here are some photos.

New Dungeon box set expansion cards
2018 photo. 24 unpunched cards.
Expansion set cards: Characters (10), plus Spell Cards: Telekinesis Treasure (7) and Illusionary Warrior (7).

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