This metal ammo can is the TWILIGHT 2000 4th Edition Kickstarter special backer level collector’s edition game set. Like the regular 4e Core RPG Box set, the components are a visual feast. Free League clearly developed T2K 4e with a lot of love for the classic original edition of Twilight 2000.

The metal tin continues the gritty military theme. It was very sly of FL to use M62 “Overhead Fire” cartridge stenciling. This is special ammo used during live fire training – more accurate and safe to fire above crawling recruit soldiers. Likewise, the Twilight 2000 Gamemaster and Players will be “training” under fire while surviving the post-apocalypse of World War III in the Summer of 2000.

This was my unused set. I’m putting it up for sale as we play classic T2000, and a regular 4e set serves me fine as resource material. But first I must take photos!

TWILIGHT 2000 4th Edition Deluxe Limited Metal Ammo Tin

2021 … Tomas Härenstam & Chris Lites & Niklas Brandt … Free League FLFT2K006 … ISBN 9189143442

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First are the Handouts. These are intelligence reports for the Poland and Sweden campaign areas.

Next are the Maps. There is one large folding map – both sides – depicting the Poland and Sweden campaign areas. It’s gorgeous and inspiring. Then come two 2-panel folded encounter maps, plus 8 map cards.

Counters. A single sheet.

Player’s Manual and Referee’s Manual. Both are substantial. I love the art.

At the bottom we have the proprietary dice and a deck of cards.

Here’s a shot of the regular Twilight 2000 4th edition box sets

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